Yes the title isn't very clear but here is the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. You are in a question page where a post (either the question or an answer) contain a snippet
  2. An edit is made to the post and you get the notification on the top to refresh the post
  3. If you click you get the edited post and the button to run the snippet disappear. You are obliged to refresh the page which is annoying if you are writing an answer.

Here is a screenshot of a recent post after I refreshed the post:

enter image description here

another one on a question

enter image description here

There is no error in the console and I am running Chrome (Version 76.0.3809.100 (64 bits)) on windows 8.1. I have the same issue using last version of Firefox.

The same is also happening on meta. Use the below answer to test.

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    Oh damn it! I thought it was only an issue on my end. I've had some issues with various websites on my machine due to some combination of addons, settings, firewall, and network stuff. Wo when I saw this happening recently, I didn't actually verify if it was me or SO. Moreover, I had seen that happen before - I saw it for the first time few weeks back but it went away quickly. – VLAZ Aug 15 at 6:27
  • The first few times this happened to me, I assumed the edit had turned the snippet back into an ordinary code block, but the edit history showed this wasn't the case. – Barmar Sep 6 at 10:07
  • Meta SE post – CertainPerformance Oct 8 at 1:42

This a test answer to reproduce the issue. Open this in two different browser and edit it. You will get the notification on the other.

body {
 background: yellow; /* <-- let's change the color */

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