The tags and are for the same Mercurial feature.

Though the tag is more widely used, the main Mercurial tag is and so for consistency I think should be the one to retain. It would be useful if can redirect (synonym?) to that one.

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Keeping as the main tag has another minute advantage. It has a tag wiki (But yeah, it is plagiarized, which is sad ... so we have to rewrite it anyway)

The problem with doing this directly is that is used more widely, and therefore, I get the error that I can't create a synonym. The workaround here is to create a synonym in the opposite way and swap them.

I did it now, and they are synonyms. That is (x 50) → (x 9). I will wait for a few days and then merge the tags.

  • Thanks for taking care of this! Aug 15, 2019 at 11:59

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