I've recently asked a question regarding Java. Although I didn't understand the actual problem, another user added an answer pointing towards a question that described and answered the exact problem I was having.

My question was answered by 2 high rep users (both 100k+) and no duplicate close votes were cast. So I'm not sure if I should close it as a duplicate anyway? I'm going to need some second opinions here.

The question: Java method arguments not applicable

The duplicate: Why is an array not assignable to Iterable?

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The question has already been answered and accepted, so your problem is solved. Marking it as a duplicate would be the best course of action here, as it directs people looking for help towards a useful thread that would probably help them more than your specific problem.

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    Yes I agree. Especially about the "being more usefull to future readers" part. Thanks! I've closed the question.
    – icecub
    Aug 12, 2019 at 5:27

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