While answering another question here just now I cane to consider there could be an opportunity to improve the feedback of the dashboard and counter the situation where OP users don't accept answers as often as they should

I'd propose that if a question has one or more answers that have received X number of upvotes, to color in the answer count in yellow

I see tooltips encouraging OP users to accept answers when they just upvote them and from this I infer that the large numbers of questions with no accepted answer is deemed a problem. For my own site interaction purposes I tend to initially pass over accepted questions because I feel the person got the help they need, and my time could be better spent helping out either a zero answer question or a question with no upvoted answers. There are hence a couple of types of question that are of most interest to me: no-answers and no-good-answers. I don't really have any way to distinguish between these other than go and look. Sometimes I'll go look at a question that has one answer with 3+ upvotes and no green tick. Those questions where the community has pretty much deemed the question answered could show up in a different color and give me the choice (from the dashboard) whether to enter and review/vote/post-my-own. I'd prefer to use my time on a question that needs more help (0+ answers with 0 upvotes) and seeing these from the dashboard would allow me to target them first, review and upvote on others second. It would also provide a way of encouraging a community version of "accepted answer" by indicating "this question has acceptable answers"

enter image description here

  • Hmm... FWIW, SE deems any questions with an accepted answer/positive-scored answers as "answered". If you're looking for questions that needs more help, you can use "unanswered" filter instead. – Andrew T. Aug 9 at 6:02

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