It occurred to me people have different ways to cut/copy/paste. I think it would be a fun and interesting topic to ask question about in the next survey.

I remember I had to enter a form in an Asian language, where Shift+V was not working, but shift+insert was. In the company I work for, we had a person who would use the mouse left handed, making Ctrl+X (and C and V) slightly awkward with the right hand or slow doing those keyboard commands with the left hand as well.

My guess is there is a link between geographical location and number of people using the one option over the other, and which hand people use to hold their mouse.

  • While I don't mind the left/righ dominant hand, even if I don't see the gain. I have issue with copy past, there is simply to much key bind to show them all. For short cut it mainly depends on editor: In Vim … – xdtTransform Aug 8 at 14:35
  • And what conclusion can you draw from that data? – Jonas Wilms Aug 8 at 23:06

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