I have been thinking about it lately. Maybe it has already been answered, but i couldn't find it anywhere.

What is the reason behind answer being reviewed by Two Users with more than 2k Reps when they already have privilege to edit that question and their edit will be applied instantly.

To clarify what I am asking:

  • I am trying to answer a Question. The formatting is not well within the walls of correct and readable.
  • I try to Edit the Question, but an edit approval is already pending.
  • Now if I Approve the Edit, It still asks for another approval before it is applied, but if I edit the question or use Improve Editing then the Edit is applied instantly.

Now if I approve the Edit, i can't see the Question properly unless someone else reviews the Edit. And it doesn't seem ethical to Improve Edit the Question when it is already edited with perfection and disregard the efforts by previous editor.

Why can't the edits be applied instantly after 1st Review by a user with more than 2k Rep ?



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