I noticed that is still being used. It seems redundant considering we're up to TypeScript v3.5 now. Worse, there are new questions that use it exclusively without the real tag.

It currently has 1,243 questions, the latest of which was asked yesterday (6th August 2019) by a new commenter.

I also noticed that is still being used too. The tag was originally set up to refer to an old typings solution, as in the npm package. This solution is now discontinued, in favor of the @types produced by the TypeScript foundation from the definitely-typed repository. It does appear the tag is now being used to refer to the @types or typings in general, the latter of which arguably falls under typescript.

I'm not sure what path/action is recommended for these tags, but I thought I'd highlight them at least.

  • as with all version specific tags: only use it when your problem applies to ONLY that version. I was wondering if the lack of a dash before the version number could be a reason the tag is selected but I see all other version tags in typescript are named similarly. I don't get how it is redundant. Tags are in general not removed due to redundancy. – rene Aug 7 at 10:29
  • yes, perhaps 'redundent' is the wrong word - 'misused' maybe? It just seems odd that people are continuing to, and repeatedly, use the tag when v3 has been out for quite sometime, and when the questions do not relate to v2.0 features. 'typescript-typings' probably just needs its description changed to "as relating to typings for packages" – Meirion Hughes Aug 7 at 11:09
  • Yeah, I checked sorting of tags and it looks like popularity wins. So users would see that typescript2.0 only: i.stack.imgur.com/Qw77D.png if you retag a bunch that apply to typescript 3 you might get that tag into view over typescript1.5 ... maybe those typescript1.8 and 1.5 can be rolled into an single 1.x tag? – rene Aug 7 at 11:16

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