I have placed a bounty (50 points) for a question in my Team more than one week ago. I have tried to award it before the expiration time, but received a 503 error (behind the scene, nothing visible in the UI). The expiration did not seem to do anything meaningful.

The question has an accepted answer with score = 1.

The tech support told me that bounties are not supported in Stack Overflow for Teams, but I have managed to issue and award a couple of them before this one.

Now the question behaves as if the bounty partially exists:

  1. Start a bounty starts now at 100, as if the bounty was awarded
  2. The accepted answer has no associated bounty, as if the bounty was not awarded
  3. The user targeted by the bounty has not received the points

I am wondering how to prevent this in the future. This is quite important because all internal presentations made to make the tool popular where I work include this feature and I do not wish for my colleagues to waste their points on ghostly bounties.

Not sure if it matters, but all operations were done from a desktop / laptop browser, not from a mobile phone.

Tried another bounty and it cannot be awarded (the same 503 error telling me to check the status on Tweeter). So, it seems the last step is broken.

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    If bounties are not supported then it should be 100% not support. At best it is an oversight that you can start a bounty. – rene Aug 6 at 15:43
  • @rene - yes, you right. I would hate to see them gone from SO for Teams because they seem to almost work. Personally, I would gladly use them with this small risk instead of not being able to use them at all. As a slowly growing community administrator, I can use them to motivate some colleagues to make high quality contributions. – Alexei Aug 6 at 20:04

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