I would like to see the tag to no longer be a synonym of . is a much bigger product now, so the synonym is incorrect.

Here are some examples of posts that are not related to studio:

How can we remove the tag synonym?


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The tag was renamed and synonymized in April this year, after a request went out asking for the same: Rename tag [azure-machine-learning] to [azure-machine-learning-studio] and add [azure-machine-learning-service]. The reason cited there was because of the use of the tag to ask questions about AML Studio, and therefore the rename was apt. The resolution at the end of that meta left us with two new tags:

Now if we break the synonym and recreate as a separate tag, the problem that I can foresee is that questions about AML Studio being asked with the tag. We need to have tags that are more clear in their names.

That said, I have removed the synonym, based on the community vote here, and popularity of this request. Let me know if you can think of a better name for either of the two tags which can help reduce the number of incorrectly tagged posts.

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