When I found an answer to my question and it is more general and have couple of hints how to solve my problem should I edit the question and add a section where I describe the exact solution to my problem? Or is it better to just upvote the answer post and add my own answer based on that post.

I've seen it in a lot's of post and I found it useful in most cases.

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    No, don't edit an answer into the question, post a new answer instead. See self-answering in the help-center.
    – ivarni
    Jul 31, 2019 at 6:53
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    Whatever you do, don't answer the question in the question itself. It's better to add an actual answer, instead of editing it in.
    – Cerbrus
    Jul 31, 2019 at 6:53
  • I would edit that helpful answer and accepted ..
    – hs-dev2 MR
    Jul 31, 2019 at 7:11
  • See also meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/387723/… Jul 31, 2019 at 10:20

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Self answers are allowed and encouraged as explained in the help center. Always use the answer box to, well, answer the question. It doesn't matter that you have asked the question. Do make sure the answer is useful. So posting I solved the issue is NOT an answer.

Here on Meta we have a with questions about (corner) cases and other things to know about self answering. The tag wiki of that tag contains also some useful info this time.


Never edit the question to include the answer, post a self answer instead. Questions that include an answer and that are not actually answered in the answer section can be closed as unclear what you're asking as you already have the answer. It creates more work for other people to fish and edit answers out of questions, so please do not do that.

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