I built a little Google Chrome extension to notify me about new jobs with salaries (too bad your RSS feed doesn't include salary) and I have noticed that job listing page has some tags HTML tags without opening.

No li element in scope but a li end tag seen.


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    Yes, this is basic stuff. It ought to be in their test suite. However, this could depend on the HTML version. Are you sure you have used the correct HTML version when invoking the W3C validator? – Peter Mortensen Jul 31 at 1:16
  • Is it also the case when you are logged in? – Peter Mortensen Jul 31 at 1:41
  • Yep, <li> ... </li> inside a <li> ... </li>, near "<div class="left-sidebar--sticky-container js-sticky-leftnav">". It is probably not legal in any version of HTML. Or is it in HTML5? – Peter Mortensen Jul 31 at 2:00

This wasn't a jobs related issue, it was a markup problem in Stack Overflow itself related to the sidebar. Fix is being deployed to production shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

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