I would like to request that this question be reopened: Compare two files and append the differences at the end


As originally asked, the question was vague and unclear, linking to large external data files and requiring a fair amount of analysis to understand the point of the question. As edited, it now asks a clear and precise question, with a simple example and and a complete description of the expected output.

What I did so far

I have followed the steps listed at How do you reopen a closed question:

  • I edited the question so that it is much clearer and no longer too broad, in my opinion.

    My mistake: I first did minor edits but only got to a good quality question after several edits, so the reopen reviewers probably didn't see it in its current state.

  • I would like to flag the users who cast close votes to ask them for either an explanation or reconsideration, but none of them commented on the question so I cannot actually flag them.

  • This meta question is my last resort: ask for reopen here via the "support" tag. In meta.SE, it seems to say use the "reopen-request" tag, but I didn't find one, so I'm hoping putting it in the subject line will do.


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I don't understand how it's too broad. It's a well asked question (as edited), scoped to a specific problem; it's about programming; and there's just one answer on the question right now, with no evidence that the community finds it 'broad' by posting lots of answers. Lots of kudos to joanis for editing that question into shape.

Well done!

  • I appreciate the positive feedback in your answer, as well is the opposite feedback others gave. This question is much more devisive than I expected, with your answer getting as many downvotes as upvotes, and my (meta) question getting 12 downvotes and 4 upvotes. I'm happy the question got reopened but I would understand had that not happened. Thanks for the kudos!
    – joanis
    Commented Jul 31, 2019 at 13:43

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