Like an Azure Q&A. And another for AWS. If they want to pay that is. An open platform that closed platforms can buy tenants in for their product families. So should be able to have a hierarchy.

A few of my use cases:

  1. Trying to find documentation for AzCopy, how to delete finds on MS storage - Q&A would help a lot
  2. With AWS as well, I have earlier had difficulty finding out how to get function applications to work
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    While this is an interesting idea I can't see someone who can offload support to Stack Overflow for free paying for the same thing. – ChrisF Jul 28 at 16:22
  • Companies like Google already direct people to Stack Overflow in their official docs. Why would they want to start paying for what they do for free? – TheWanderer Jul 29 at 1:13
  • Who exactly is going to pay for something they can do for a third of the costs? Azure and Microsoft can document their software for a fraction of what it Teams would cost (at the size they would require). Those looking for answers certainly will not pay for something they can get for free via Stack Exchange. – Security Hound Jul 29 at 3:16
  • There was sort of similar thing before with Facebook. It brought up some questions and then it ultimately failed. IIRC the biggest problem was Facebook themselves not participating but, really, it was ultimately a matter of time. – VLAZ Jul 29 at 6:49

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