I asked a question that in retrospect should have been multiple questions.

For example,

  • How to configure multiple environments in JavaScript
  • What should the URL be when using APIM
  • How do I configure the routing in APIM

However, before I came to this realisation, people have already answered the question.

The answers are only for the first part and don't go into enough detail to be good answers.

This subsequent question has generated better answers to the first part.

If I edit the original question to only focus on the APIM part it will make the existing answers look weird and out of place.

Should I delete the question instead?

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    You can't delete that question, as is. It has more than one answer, and one of them is upvoted. Either of those criteria by itself would prevent deletion. – Mike M. Jul 24 '19 at 22:15

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