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Yes, the issue of inexperienced users not accepting or upvoting answers has been discussed to death already. I was just wondering if SO could save me the trouble of posting my standard:

Glad it helped. Please consider marking the answer as accepted (green tick) and/or upvoting it if you feel it solved your question.

Whenever I get a "Thanks, it works!". I'm not thinking of reminders or anything like that, as proposed here, but maybe just some popups here and there to guide these users.

Maybe there could be some simple heuristics to detect that kind of comments (even just looking for "thanks" or "works" in the first comment) that trigger a suggestion like "if the answer solved your problem, just mark it as accepted". Or a dismissible box when they are reading answers for the first time, especially if it is their first question or have more open questions with answers, saying something like "don't forget to accept an answer if it solves your question".

Or a popup when you click on accept with something like "you can upvote the answer too if you think it was good" (if you have the rep, and especially when you just got the privilege).

I don't know if any of these are implemented currently for newer users. To be honest I can't remember if there was anything like that in my SO infanthood. But if there is I don't think it is working very well.

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    Is posting that standard comment really ok though? I flagged a great amount of comments like that because I thought these are discouraged. As far as I know new users get a popup or something teaching about what to do when an answer is posted. – Modus Tollens Jul 24 at 12:31
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    @ModusTollens I never thought such comments were wrong. I'm talking about the situation when the OP says something like "thanks, it works" which, to me, signals that the user is not familiar with the mechanics of the site. I just try to point out for them that the way you say "it works" in SO is by marking the answer as accepted and/or upvoting. I may have even done it in answers I didn't post myself (not that I go fishing for these, I mean if I was in the conversation before). Trying to force the OP to accept or upvote, or spam them with reminders would be a different thing, I think at least. – jdehesa Jul 24 at 12:47
  • See meta.stackoverflow.com/a/380636/1288408 for an answer (that thread is linked to other related topics, too). Note that new users often can't even upvote - 15 reputation points are needed for that. – Modus Tollens Jul 24 at 12:58
  • @ModusTollens Thanks for the link. I do leave the upvoting part out for users with very low rep. Again, my impression is that the issue mentioned there ("the site is littered with comments of people asking users to accept their answers") has more to do with users gratuitously posting comments as "reminders". I'm talking about reacting and trying to correct an action which is already wrong (a "thank you" comment). You can ignore it or flag it, but that won't teach the user anyway, and if the answer is right, accepting should be the "correct" outcome. Also, I do remove my comment after too. – jdehesa Jul 24 at 13:05
  • @ModusTollens About your second link, is similar to what I suggest, although my issue is more with questions with no votes or accept (I haven't had many cases of upvote without accept, or any). I wouldn't support reminders though. But the argument that "is not that important" (which I'm not sure I fully agree anyway - or if it's not important why not just remove it?) doesn't seem to me good enough to disregard a systematic misuse of the site by new users. Great effort is being put into getting users to post better first questions, why not in teaching them other things better too? – jdehesa Jul 24 at 13:13
  • @ModusTollens I thought the consensus was to be conservative with the nudge: if the user has already accepted answers before, don't bother them about it; if this is their first question, a reminder could be useful. – TheWanderer Jul 24 at 16:44
  • @TheWanderer My flags got approved though. I also see a lot of misinformation spread in those comments: "accept the answer to close the question", "accept to help others", "accept to say thanks" and in one case "moderators said you have to accept this answer". I'd say they are all not needed, I am still sure new users are notified of that feature, but don't have time to look it up right now. – Modus Tollens Jul 24 at 16:47