I had completed my reviews for Suggested Edits and reviewing Late Answers Queue, where I see an Answer which needs to be correctly formatted. So I click on edit, as there a pending review for Suggested Edit I was redirected to the UI of Suggested Edits without any action buttons (because I already reached a limit of 20). I know that post will be improved by someone from the community but I want to know that

  • Is there any other option/button where I can edit the post
  • Or directly open the edit option (as we have for regular edits without any pending edits) for the users with a reputation of 2000 or more as this might be a conflict with (edit privilege) or I am missing something

Post which was needed an edit

from Late Answer Queque Image from Late Answer Queque

Redirected to Suggested Edits Queque Redireted to Suggested Edits Queque

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