Back in the days when Stack Overflow used to display a user's acceptance rate, I used to use it for only one purpose. Finding my own questions which I haven't accepted yet. I used to pride myself on having a green 100% acceptance rate. If there was a particular question which was answered but I wasn't satisfied with the answer, I would start a bounty on it.

Now, I understand why the acceptance rate feature was removed. Seeing other peoples acceptance rate is bad because it would either discourage people from answering question or prompt them to write a comment urging the user to accept more answers. This is clearly bad and I'm not in favor of bringing that back.

However, being able to see your own acceptance rate is very useful. First, it's a motivator to accept more answers or to start bounties on questions which do not have enough attention. Second, it should help users easily find those questions which have been answered but which they haven't accepted yet.

Currently, I need to go through the list of all my questions to find those which have been answered but not accepted. It's not difficult, but it is time consuming when you have several pages of questions. It would be nice to click on your acceptance rate and be taken to a page which lists all your questions which have been answered but not accepted.


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