I came across to this answer that contain few religion specific phrases. Are they allowed while answering or should that be edited?


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    Even if it wasn’t religious, that’s not even English. I have no idea what the relevance of “, ma sha Allah, baraka Allah, alhamdulilah” in that answer is. It’s just noise and should be removed. – Sebastian Simon Jul 2 at 3:43
  • It's Urdu, but I also don't know what it means? Ma shah allah might be the god is great as per I know – Gourav Jul 2 at 3:46
  • If you decide to edit it there's lots of other things you could fix while at it, but voting and leaving it to be roombaed seems a better idea. There's nothing there worth spending time polishing. – ivarni Jul 2 at 4:06
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    In general, yes. In that specific case, no. The whole off-topic mess should just be deleted. It now has been. – Cody Gray Jul 2 at 4:08

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