I was helping someone with a TypeScript problem and found that copying and pasting the link to the (new) TypeScript playground into the Insert Hyperlink box broke the link.

I tried to paste this link to the updated solution:

Updated playground

But following that link fails. It works if I go back and manually edit the link that was inserted after the [1] : in the markdown:

This one works


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The problem is that the Insert Hyperlink feature changes + to %20 if the link contains a query part, both in the query part and the fragment identifier (hash fragment). TypeScript's new playground uses fragment identifiers that contain + characters which are not synonymous with %20, so the link fails when that conversion is done.

This appears to be a bug in Insert Hyperlink, which I've reported here. It doesn't just affect TypeScript playground links, other kinds of links get broken by it as well; see that report for details.

So for the moment, if you use Insert Hyperlink to insert a TypeScript playground link, you'll have to go manually fix the markdown (just highlight it after the [n] : and paste the proper link over it).

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