I am confused with which flag to use where the answer is not available from a specific product.

Something like this question. Its method is not available in Firebase. So is there a flag to report questions?

Because they might release this in upcoming updates. There is no guide in the Firebase documentation.

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    Would a comment not suffice to inform the asker? – Epodax Jun 27 at 10:14
  • isn't it rude to comment down something like that and is it consider in rude flag ? – Ashish Jun 27 at 10:14
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    Why would it be rude to inform the asker that something is not possible? – user247702 Jun 27 at 10:16
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    There is no flag for this, because there is no problem with such questions. If the feature doesn't exist, then it is still possible to provide a useful answer, which tells that this feature doesn't exist (maybe also include a link to a feature request) and provides a different approach to achieve the goal. – Tom Jun 27 at 22:26
  • Ok thank you sir – Ashish Jun 28 at 2:00

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