Today, I have checked this question and I noticed a possible incorrect tag: . I was curious about that and there are only six questions with the said tag. I assumed that it is a result of a typo, that the tag creator meant . But apparently that is a function template library for Go: http://masterminds.github.io/sprig/ So some questions got tagged incorrectly.

I am not sure what to do with the tag. I thought to remove it at first, but after I found out that it is used in Go, an other approach has to be taken.

So far, I think that two actions has to be done;

  1. Remove (or replace it with Spring's one) that tag from java based question
  2. Add description to the tag and rename it to sprig-template to prevent further mis-use in the future.

Or should something else happen?


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Action 1. seemed to be taken care of already by someone. I completed 2.

I renamed the tag from to because the GitHub documentation mentions:

sprig - Useful template functions for Go templates.

The name can still be changed if any expert in that field lets us know of a better tag. The next task now is to create a meaningful tag wiki for that tag.

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