The image speaks for itself.

An overexcited advertisement

There is an ad targeting my confidential questions. Good job, SO! You managed to read my inner heart just like all other advertisers. This is actually a non-trashy ad, and I deeply appreciate the ability to get rid of it with the handy X button.

But I feel like there shouldn't be an ad about asking private questions as a dialog on the answer box.

Is this a bug, or a feature?

After seeing this question, I must respond. My intent with this post is not to extract a disclosure from a for-profit company! I just want ads targeted towards question-askers to not be on the answer box. I couldn't care less about what SO wants to advertise me. I just ignore it anyway :).

It seems people are saying "Oh hey, lets stop SO from advertising! NO NO NO NO. SO, a for-profit company, has as much right as anyone else to advertise. THIS QUESTION IS NOT ABOUT THE ADVERTISEMENT AT ALL. I am merely requesting that you don't try to get me to pay to ask questions when I want to answer questions. The question/answer mismatch breaks the flow of the SO experience.

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    First in the footer, and then left side menu, and then over the main content, after that in the top bar and now in between question and answer. The only place remaining is the community bulletin. – Bhargav Rao Jun 25 at 5:13
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    Given how heavily they're pushing SO for Teams lately, it's actually a little surprising that no one from SE has responded to this Meta post yet. – EJoshuaS Jun 26 at 5:04
  • what happened to the discussion here? I see no chat link – mackycheese21 Aug 13 at 18:17
  • Were the comments deleted? – mackycheese21 Aug 14 at 18:11

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