Other than using a monkey patch, I'd like an option to hide the new Products menu. I currently have my left side navigation collapsed. Perhaps it could be folded into there.

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    I think you already know no dev time will be spent on this ;) – user247702 Jun 24 at 14:02
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    @Stijn doesn't hurt to ask. – Daniel A. White Jun 24 at 14:46
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    Yes, this would be appreciated, at least for those of us who already are the product. – Cody Gray Jun 24 at 19:45
  • Can you add a screenshot for those of us who can't see it (yet)? Edit - NVM, it's just on Main. Userscripts can target it at .js-gps-track.-marketing-link. – TylerH Jun 24 at 20:35
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    Also probably related/included in the same rollout: i.stack.imgur.com/iWIwj.png – TylerH Jun 24 at 21:07
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    My updated No More Jobs! script now hides the Products menu. – a stone arachnid Jun 24 at 22:46
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    Why is the banner @TylerH mentioned put over the answer field and not on the Ask Question page? – a stone arachnid Jun 24 at 22:52
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    My ReduceClutter userscript has been updated to hide the Products menu. – Samuel Liew Jun 24 at 23:41

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