I contacted Stack Overflow support a few weeks ago and they said I should ask my question here:

There is an issue with the jobs RSS feed that I noticed several times. For example, the 15 May I updated the RSS feed for remote jobs and on the 27 May I updated it again and I saw that unread jobs from the 12 May and 13 May were added in my RSS client (Thunderbird).

These jobs should have been added to the list on the 15 May when I updated the RSS feed but they were missing.

Do you know where the problem comes from and does Stack Overflow plan to fix it?


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We've been looking into this report, and we can’t replicate the issue you described. For now, I've marked this question as non-repro. Let me know if you see it again.

For your information: we don't do any special processing with the feed. It simply returns the last 1000 published jobs. The backdating of jobs in the feed may just be a quirk of your RSS client (in this case, Thunderbird).

  • I can confirm that the issue happens again. I am using several RSS feeds and the issue happens only with StackOverflow Jobs so it looks like it is not a Thunderbird bug.
    – baptx
    Apr 2, 2020 at 13:32

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