The tag has only 17 questions, and its tag wiki explicitly says, "This tag is a duplicate of cf-bosh." The tag, on the other hand, has 82 questions (still not a lot but almost 5 times as many, and there will probably be even more as I continue retagging questions as where appropriate) and actual relevant information about BOSH in the tag wiki. I propose that be made a synonym of .

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I merged and , as they were the same, and also added a synonym: .

As for , the issue is that it has the same name as the cloudfoundry product. Something that can take care of this is to rename the tag from to some other more meaningful and unambiguous name.

Given that the Wikipedia page on BOSH mentions it as BOSH Protocol, I renamed the tag as , which probably should be solve some problems with the users tagging their questions incorrectly.

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