Question having score > 1 178 Results (It should be below 178)

Question having score > 0 130 Results

How is it possible?


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The search parameter score:0 is special in that it only matches posts with an exact score, unlike score:<positive-or-negative-number>, which match posts with a given score and higher.

The search results page does tell you that only score 0 is being matched:

Search options not closed score 0 answers 0

Compare that with your score:1 search, which tells you a range is being matched:

Search options not closed score>= 1 answers 0

The “advanced search tips” in-line help also tells you it’s not going to match a range:

score:3 (3+)  
score:0 (none)

Use score:0.. if you need a range search, which gets you 308 results, neatly confirming that you got the same results of your two queries into one (178 + 130 = 308).


Because score:0 and score:1 do not have the same behavior. You can see what the criteria each query is using by looking above the search bar.

For your first link enter image description here

The difference is score:3 is returning all matching posts with a score of 1 or more whereas score:0 returns posts with a score of exactly 0.

The Advanced Search Tips on the search page define the behavior

enter image description here

To get posts scoring 0 or more you need to append a .. after the zero. This isn't in the advanced search tips I mentioned above, but is mentioned in https://stackoverflow.com/help/searching

[sublimetext] answers:0 closed:0 score:0.. will return what you are looking for (only 1 period will work actually, but the defined behavior is 2 periods)

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