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When you have a Meta tag, it's treated as an SO tag. This tag is clearly Meta, yet:

Takes you to SO.

Can we add an option that allows us to define an MSO tag? Maybe:


If we just checked whether the tag is meta or not, then some tags would be more difficult to get to from Meta (tags on both sites - which one to go to? for example)

Should this become an option, and if so, what would be the best/most convenient way to do it?

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    We have used our time machine to implement this feature precisely as you described. You’re welcome. :-) – Cody Gray Jun 13 at 19:59

You can already use [meta-tag:tag] in posts, and it will link to the appropriate meta-tag.

E.g. [meta-tag:discussion] will be rendered as , [meta-tag:status-completed] as , [meta-tag:profile-page] as , etc.

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