I'm pretty new to assembly and I know there are some standards but if I search for specifics problems with my assembly code I often find only some answers for other architectures. But I'm not sure how I should search for my architecture. There are some many different assembly dialects out there that I'm totally confused and I don't have any specific documentation for my architecture.

Does there exist something like general documentation, which is not dialect specific? Does anyone know how to exactly search for a question on stack-overflow? Do I have to add some specific tags or something? Or is there probably something like an assembly stack community?

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    How and where do you search? Its still the best option to use a proper search engine such as Google to find answers on Stack Overflow. If you name the dialect then someone can probably point you to a site with a complete reference. Heck, sometimes even Wikipedia lists such sites. – Gimby Jun 13 at 7:56
  • Do you mean "assembly code" as used in for example an x86 type of CPU? Or perhaps webassembly ? – rene Jun 13 at 20:35
  • When using Google to search, you can still write site:stackoverflow.com to just show results from this site, so like "how to assemble assembly site:stackoverflow.com" – Tas Jun 14 at 1:17
  • Do you know what architecture you are writing assembler code for? I would suggest searching using the architecture as a keyword, As you point out, each assembly language is different. – Blackwood Jun 14 at 1:56

The search terms for an assembly language problem would be assembler <canonical abbreviation for your architecture> <search terms for your problem>.

In Google, you could add site:stackoverflow.com to search specifically on SO but given the scarcity of assembler materials and the existence of niche specialized sites on them, there's no real need to.

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