A user asked a question (not the best question ever, not the worst either), and I answered it. The user didn't accept it or commented it, then posted a question really similar. I would give almost the EXACT same answer, changing 2 lines of code.

The new question changed from activating/deactivating a button with a specific event, to hiding/showing said button with the exact same event. I do believe that this is enough to say it is a duplicate.

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    To me that sounds like a duplicate as it boils down to wanting to perform an action on a button based on an event and that action can either hide or activate the button. – Joe W Jun 7 at 14:40
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    stackoverflow.com/q/56484168/17034 It won't be so easy to convince a moderator, ideally she would have gotten an answer before that showed that disabling the button was the best approach. You can still make that happen, if you have a way to get a decent event. I'd guess that is the hard part. – Hans Passant Jun 7 at 14:52
  • I wouldn't know if disabling the button is the best approach, but from what I understand it is what she asked in here first post, made my answer in that way. I would pretty much duplicate my answer, it would even be simpler to just hide the button, it doesn't feel like much effort where done for the second question. – Justin Audet Jun 7 at 15:03
  • It appears that the author deleted the second question. – Joe W Jun 7 at 16:54
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    To be fair, I edited my answer to the first question making it simpler, yet keeping the same result : disabling the button, my answer was then accepted and the second question deleted. – Justin Audet Jun 7 at 16:57
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    Problem solved then. – Joshua Jun 9 at 1:30

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