I've encountered a new user today that asked his very first question so badly that he got 4 downvotes as of the moment but when I checked his profile, it was added to his rep instead. See photo. enter image description here


If that was the only question they had asked, then one reasonable explanation is that they got 4 downvotes, followed by 1 upvote, followed by another downvote for a net score of -4 on the question.

enter image description here

The downvotes on a user at 1 rep do not do anything to their rep. So, the first 4 downvotes changed nothing. The first upvote took their rep score to 6, and the final downvote brought it down to 4.

enter image description here

  • Haha, i do a trick sometimes, when i up-vote, then someone down-votes, i undo the up-vote, and redo it again then he will gain 2 rep :P – U10-Forward Jun 7 at 6:27
  • 15
    @U9-Forward using your vote to invalidate someone else's isn't a good idea... – cs95 Jun 7 at 6:44
  • I know is stopped – U10-Forward Jun 7 at 6:45

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