Call to Attention

When you don't have any watched tags, this little text will give you a reason why you should have some:

Watch tags to curate your list of questions.

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There is a similar text for creating a custom filter, but I don't think it is put at the most logical place.

That dropdown menu is only available after you click on the "Create a saved filter" link on the right-hand side and after you click on the "More" button.

Also note that the "call to attention" message covers the form that lets you create your first custom filter. That's getting in the way IMHO.

Enter image description here

Suggestion: the text could be clickable too so that it triggers the form if it was initially hidden

The 'Unanswered (my tags)' filter does not automatically update

Enter image description here

This may be by design, but this seems like an easy thing to do and a nice to have.

Impossible to delete "unsaved" filter

Oddly enough this only occurs on Meta Stack Overflow.

As you can see I have this Custom (unsaved) filter which I have never created (or attempted to create).

But let's assume it is a user error. When I click on it then go to Filter and save it. After I delete it, I'm left with the same "ghost" filter:

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