Proguard is a code obfuscation and minimization tool used with Android and Java. The official website shows no difference between the tool when used in combination with Android, compared to when it's used in combination with Java, in terms of developer use or backend-wise.

The tag wiki also links to docs on shrinking. It has later (after the introduction of a second obfuscation tool), been redirected to a different site, that still links to Guardsquare's website in a couple places when Proguard is referenced. However, the internet archive stored a version from 2016 where the first line contains a link to Proguard's sourceforge page.

The point being, there is no separate version of Proguard for Android, meaning refers to Proguard in combination with Android.

From the proposed creation of android-java:

We don't create tags for combinations of languages and frameworks. If a question uses the Java language, then is a legitimate tag for that question.

Can be merged into ?


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There was a proposal to add as a synonym for , proposed by Rolf ツ back on Jan 4 '17, but it was never voted upon or approved.

I approved the synonym, is now a synonym for , that is (× 3579) ← (× 1101).

I will wait a few days to see if there is any issue with this synonym, and then merge the tags (as tag merges are permanent, but synonyms aren't).

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