The tag has over 5,000 questions associated with it. However to me it seems to always be how to do X in version Y of Z.

I would say that Z should be a tag and potentially Y-Z but not on its own.

If there is a specific use for this tag, it'd be great to hear it and get the description updated accordingly. It currently states:

Version defines an unique state of a computer software or a file.

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    It is one of the standard programming problems. Necessary to add to a hopelessly broad tag like [java] to make the question more specific. The associated [versioning] tag can cover the same ground but the word "version" often appears as-is in whatever the OP is looking at. The tag has experts, but they are bit hard to find back because existing answers are so extremely popular, earning many hundreds of votes. I can see Pascal Thivent with 11 answers and me with 18, there no doubt are more. It gets the job done. May 21, 2019 at 16:24


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