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My profile section on Stack Overflow says I impacted 2.2m people. Great, I love it, happy to help etc etc.

However, this just incorrect, it used to be 500k~ for the past year or so, and only recently increased to 2.2m. This happened because I received my fifth upvote on a late answer to a very popular question (with a 2019 update).

Instead of counting the views since then, it takes the entire view count of that question and adds it to my question, while I do not complain about it, it feels somewhat wrong, or incorrect that I'm being credited with impacting so many people, especially when the actual number lies considerably lower.

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"People reached" is a (extremely) rough estimate.

There is no information stored about the view count on a question when you're first active on it, nor is there any "clever" system in place to only count a percentage of the views based on what percentage of the question's lifetime you had a stake in it.

Basically, "People reached" is a naïve sum of page view counters.

Anything more clever than that would probably be a significant server load for too little gain.

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    Assumed so, but couldn't find any related questions on SO/SE regarding this. At least when someone looks into it they can find a proper explanation of how the system works. Thanks for the clarification. – Roberrrt May 15 at 8:29
  • Although I did just find a comment on an answer on MSE saying "Sanity Check: So I post the 73th answer to a question with a million views. A year later it gets to 5 votes. Does that mean I helped 1 million people?" which seems to address the issue, although nothing has happened with it since then. – Roberrrt May 15 at 8:34
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    @Roberrrt I asked pretty much the same question last week: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/384847/… – Thales Minussi May 15 at 10:16
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    @ThalesMinussi Another pretty significant indicator that SO's search functionality isn't doing what it should do here. – Roberrrt May 15 at 10:18

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