It is not the first time that I am struck by posting a photo from a third-party website. As you can see in the following image (which will later in the 2nd page), in the first screen of the guided mode to publish a question, there is no button to add an image; It can only be inserted manually:

First page of Guided Mode enter image description here

Edited on the second page of the Guided Mode: Only now I have realized that it is on the second screen of the guided mode. enter image description here

My suggestion is to place the entire buttons action bar in the first page also.

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    We want to discourage users from posting screenshots of code/errors/data, or even pictures of their code (source, 10k+), which is probably why adding images is not included in the guided question UI. However, it is significantly better that any images included in a question or answer end up on i.stack.imgur.com, rather than on some third party site. Unfortunately, images on third party image hosting sites are at least as likely to be affected by bit-rot as any random 3rd party site. – Makyen May 5 at 17:59
  • Having made this suggestion, it cost me 4 points and 6 bronze badges less. Interesting. Have a nice day. – nnyerges May 5 at 22:24
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    @nnyerges that’s only because you posted this on Stack Overflow, where this is off topic. It has been migrated here, the copy on SO itself will be deleted automatically in a few days time. – Martijn Pieters May 6 at 0:51

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