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The answer is not formatted properly, and hence I wanted to edit it.

The problem I guess here is that the answer contains a link to author's article. but what is the harm in it if it is free and it helps?

enter image description here The question is about how to do Put Requests, and the answer manages to do that. Only problem is that it is ill-formatted. enter image description here

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    yes, it is. and it is a working link. During edition I wanted to remove that link. – Mohit Kanwar Apr 25 at 9:14
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    There's a hidden input on the page, <input type="hidden" id="55446907-only-allow-inform-moderator-flagging" value="true"> which I guess means they wanted you to flag this for either plagiarism or self-promotion. – ivarni Apr 25 at 9:17

If a post is otherwise unsalvageable (e.g. because it's SPAM because it includes undisclosed self-promotion), trying to edit it for formatting it's the wrong action.

You shouldn't edit out SPAM. Those posts need to be flagged.

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