Based on the ad for a job on the SO homepage, I was browsing through some of the job offerings available. At one point, I had browsed too deep and wanted to start fresh. So out of habit, I click on the logo.

Nav bar logo

And I am taken to the SO homepage (not the jobs homepage).

I checked the URL of job and it read stackoverlfow.com/jobs/<id>.

I figured maybe if I go the dedicated jobs portal I might find the functionality I am looking for. I go to jobs.stackoverflow.com and am redirected to stackoverflow.com/jobs

I have vague memories of there being a separate jobs network and not a sub-route of SO. Am I not recollecting correctly?

If one existed, was it removed?

If one did not exist, shouldn't there be one?

  • You can click on the burger menu (to the left of the logo) and a menu will pop up.
    – halfer
    Apr 21, 2019 at 9:19

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Jobs is part of and hosted under the same domain as Stack Overflow.

The jobs home page link can be found in the left sidebar, but you've hidden it.

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