I have started with Stack Overflow for Teams where I work and currently there is a pilot phase (only about a dozen users). I have discussed with my manager about increasing the usage and I was asked if it is possible to have read-only access to the platform.

The question makes sense for our management team because, as already happens in the public Stack Overflow, only a small fraction of the total users are expected to contribute and management is less inclined to pay for licenses for all those users who will never contribute.

Is it possible to have read-only access users in a private team?

  • Can you not view the SO for Teams content on your intranet/hosted URL while not logged in? I'm assuming, of course, that by "private team" you mean private to your organization rather than public to the whole internet. – TylerH Apr 12 at 21:36
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    @TylerH AFAIK, teams does not offer self hosting – Rob Apr 13 at 2:49
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    @TylerH - yes, it is the standard Stack Overflow for Teams offered by Stack Exchange. One may have a normal (or administrator) account in SO for Teams and it is counted as an active user. – Alexei Apr 13 at 5:42

No, it is not possible in any way to allow a user to have read-only access.

But it is possible in 2 ways by creating a custom separate UI.

  1. Download the zip with the data and parse the JSON.
    You need to create a custom UI then download the zip file containing all content from /c/{team-url}/admin/billing.
    Then parse the JSON files in the zip file and add the data to your custom UI.
  2. Parse the DOM and extract data.
    You need to create a custom UI then parse the DOM with a script to collect data.
    Then parse the data and add the data to your custom UI.
  3. Use the read-only api Then parse the JSON and add the data to your custom UI.
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    Not sure about that solution. We are all software developers here. The reason to buy a software is to save development time. If we already create a UI for Q&A, adding a writable option is not far away... So why even pay for SO Teams, if we need to develop our own solutions? – Christian Gollhardt Apr 15 at 2:33
  • @ChristianGollhardt I thought the point of OP was that they were not willing to pay... – Luuklag Apr 15 at 6:54
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    Yeah, and my point is, if he needs to develop an UI for SO, he would pay even more (expensive developer time) @Luuklag – Christian Gollhardt Apr 15 at 10:37
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    I think Christian Gollhardt is right, but a way not to spend too much on having a readonly version is to use the API, fetch all required information (polling) and hydrate a UI rather than download the zip file (only administrators can do this and it is a manual process) or have some fancy DOM parsing. – Alexei Apr 16 at 7:18

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