I didn't really know how to phrase this in one title, so here is my problem: I am quite confuse on what to do when I get a message from someone who offers a job.

On the SO website, in my messages

I get two buttons "Interested", "Not interested". But, I wonder what they do:

  • "Do they send a response right away?"
  • "Can I still write something after or will it force some kind of steps?" They look a bit like an ultimatum.

On the other hand, I also get an email.

The email address is <do-not-reply@stackoverflow.com>, so I think well I can not respond, right?

But then, there is a small line at the top saying "Reply above this line or view on Stack Overflow". So, I can respond, actually?

Moreover, apart from this link that is "view on Stack Overflow" there are also the "I'm interested" / "I'm not interested" links at the bottom of the email.

But, if I reply to the email, it seems I can "bypass" the I'm interested/not interested step.

So what I am really asking is, could we make this process clearer?

  • It should be clear if the "I'm interested/not interested" buttons/links still allow for free interaction between the two parties or it they are meant to be a quick "yes/no". Especially for the "no", is this a "no and don't bother me anymore"?
  • If we can reply to an email, it should not come from a "do-not-reply" address. EDIT: I read the reasons why it is like this. If this can not change, adding a meaningful note in the email could help.
  • If we can somehow "bypass" the interested/not interested links, then are they necessary? What's better for me and the person who contacted me? I answer manually or I click the buttons?

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