EDIT: I specifically meant on mobile web. Although now that I'm looking again I see that if you click on Questions then there is a faint magnifying glass to the right of the word "Questions" that opens search on tap.

As far as I can tell, the only way get to StackOverflow's search function is URL hacking, or searching it.

It would be lovely to just have a magnifying glass next to my inbox and the little graph icon.

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    There's a big white box at the very top of every page. Isn't that enough? – Mat Apr 10 '19 at 4:34
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    Search is integrated in every page. Just use the box at the top / click the magnifying glass on smaller screens. – Martijn Pieters Apr 10 '19 at 5:55
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    I am on mobile. There is the looking Glass icon that does you want, I think. – Félix Gagnon-Grenier Apr 10 '19 at 16:46
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    If you were unable to find the search icon in the mobile view, then this is a serious UX problem. It's there; I use it all the time. But if users can't find it, then it might as well not exist. (And would explain a lot...) – Cody Gray Apr 12 '19 at 1:30

Feature is instantly implemented per your request: there is a huge search box right above the title for desktop view and magnifying glass icon on mobile view.

enter image description here

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