The section help of the official docs of nrwl nx link to Stackoverflow with the tags and .

The tag description of however states:

NoMachine NX is a remote access, hosted virtual desktop application.

Since there is only a total of 51 questions tagged with I'd retag the nrwl ones myself and also contact the nrwl maintainers about the SO link.

However, I'm not sure what the better alternative is:

  1. Reuse the existing tag
    • nrwl has other projects as well though, like
    • People will probably continue using wrongly
  2. Introduce new tag
    • Would have big overlap with
    • Might reduce wrong usage of
  3. Split into and (suggestion by Wai Ha Lee)

What do you think?


The discussion has clearly shown that option 3 is preferred. Hence, I have opened a corresponding retag-request.

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