It's possible to click on the badge being tracked under 'next badge' for additional information:

example of the Refiner badge being tracked

result of clicking on the badge, showing additional details

There's no indication that this is possible. There should either be a 'pointer' cursor or the information should appear on hover.

Looking at the CSS, this could be a bug, but I'm not sure:

CSS showing that the cursor is set to 'pointer', but then overridden and set to 'auto'

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    Well, by seeing this post, people will come to know about it ;) – Gourav Apr 3 at 17:03
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    A pointer cursor would seem the most in line with how badges are presented in other places on the same page. – visibleman Apr 4 at 0:57
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    Indeed sounds like an !important bug. (read it as you wish you CSS parser) – Kaiido Apr 4 at 1:07
  • @Gourav You're right, I didn't know until now. – VFDan Apr 4 at 1:08
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    My .s-card doesn't have the cursor property? – Braiam Apr 4 at 15:06
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    @Braiam according to my browser the rule comes from cdn.sstatic.net/Shared/DevStory/story.css?v=5c13f296041d – user247702 Apr 5 at 7:54

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