I want to add a "background" (where you come from/description) to my Developer Story, but there is no longer a Background category there. Has this feature been removed or simply hidden?

I found this question, but my question is not a duplicate of that, because the information provided there implies you already have such a section.


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What was once the Background section in the old-style CV was converted to a milestone (the .* icon) in the new Developer Story model. I have one of those on my timeline still, with both the category and title fields set to Background, but the date is left empty.

You can still add such a milestone entry yourself and give it the same title and category, but you are now required to give it a month and year.

Milestones only have a start date, so take into account that they’ll sort weirdly in the dev story view: Items on my Developer Story are appearing out of order

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