There are various synonymous tags for AWS services such as:

and so on and on.

And some services like do not have a synonym at all.

There are individual synonymize/merge question on meta for separate AWS services. But I doubt it would not be an overkill.

It could be nice to have an overall rule or regulation for master tags of AWS services rather than zookeeping them on demand.

For example:

The tags related to AWS services and having synonymous tags will have the master tag as aws-...

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    Part of the problem is Amazon itself of course. For instance, S3 is called Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) on its website, whereas STS is called AWS Security Token Service (STS). Actually, looking at the tags you've mentioned, the target of all of the synonyms are the Amazon-preferred names (at least according to their site). So, the question is, do we go with Amazon's naming scheme, or the one that makes sense? :). – Heretic Monkey Sep 6 '19 at 0:05

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