I am trying to close old questions as duplicates of the most suitable version I could find for a canonical, namely this question:

I chose that one as it had the best question and answer IMO. I also then added an answer of my own there.

In the mean time I identified a few others that I consider to be exact duplicates of it:

This one is also very similar but I judged it to be not quite identical:

Considering I need 5 close votes to complete these closes, what should I do?

I note that the probability of 5 other people cleaning up in this same tag is surely close to zero. Should I just cast my vote and leave it at that? Have I already taken too much initiative to get this far? Is there another process to follow?

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    Consider asking the SO close vote reviewers, see socvr.org Or find another relevant chat room with people covering the tag's expertise area to see if people there agree and can help out. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:32
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    In this case, I'm actually not so certain those two posts should be closed as duplicates; there is no indication that those have anything to do with using Python to parse the YAML documents. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:36
  • Yeah, but you can tell from the error messages that the OPs are using the PyYAML library. – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:37
  • Are you 100% certain? Can't there be other implementations that output that error? – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:37
  • I can't produce that message using any other library. I could be wrong. – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:38
  • The first one, with yaml.constructor.ConstructorError in the error message is probably Python, sure, given the dotted path and layout. The second post, however, has formatted the output quite differently. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:39
  • I'll double-check. I think PyYAML is making "could not determine a constructor for the tag '!Ref'" and then custom code around that is making the rest. – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:40
  • But the first post is about passing the YAML data to a build agent. That build agent may well be implemented in Python but I see no indication that it is within the control of the OP to alter its source code. The other post talks about but when I try to deploy this, so again, probably using 3rd party tools, not their own code. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:41
  • In other words: the duplicate would not help either post, not unless they can alter the tools that they are using. Unless you have evidence otherwise, these are not duplicates. I don't know enough about the AWS Cloudformation tooling and deployment configuration to be able to say that it isn't the file format that's at fault, or if a package is missing, or a version indicator that'd tell the tools to enable the multi_constructor config. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:44
  • Yes fair enough. I believe the error is emitted here and of course it could be that the OP needs to edit the build agent source. Happy to just not close them if that's the consensus. – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:44
  • @MartijnPieters, thanks for you advice. I've retracted the close vote on both. – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:48
  • That doesn't really matter. I'm pretty sure these errors are emitted by tooling the OPs have no control over. So either their config is incorrect, or their tooling outdated, or something else is wrong, but knowing how to configure a Python library to make the syntax work is not going to help them. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:49
  • Well there's no information in the questions about their tooling. :) – Alex Harvey Mar 26 at 12:49
  • So the questions can perhaps be closed for other reasons. I see plenty of comments and even a few deleted non-answers that are asking for more details. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 12:50
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    It's a judgment call. In this case, with zero code and only the yaml snippets, it's probably better to just close. – Martijn Pieters Mar 26 at 13:06

Overall, cleaning up dupes is a good thing, but as you noticed, it is hard to do for a single person.

What I would do here is to hunt down one or several "gold badgers". That is, users with a gold badge in the Python tag, who can dupe hammer posts themselves. Explain the situation to them and they can help, and also review what you have done for second opinion.

It might be easiest to do this live over chat, so maybe go looking for Python gold badgers in one of the SO chats. Try the Python chat room or "SO close vote review" chat room. In case you find no gold badgers, you might at least find enough Python users to round up the needed votes.

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