I was reading the following page in the help section: https://stackoverflow.com/help/interesting-topics

It discusses the usage of favorite tags. Now I think this has been replaced by watching tags, but as a new user I cannot really tell.

This leads me to the question. Is the help page current? If not, how and when will it be made current?


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I addressed this issue as part of this request on MSE (which mentioned this as one of many updates that page needed): Update Help Center page for "finding interesting topics"

My answer to that post summarizes my updates to this Help Center page:

I've updated the linked Help Center article (located at /help/interesting-topics) network-wide to address all the issues you mentioned. I basically rewrote a bunch of the article (including outdated feature names and descriptions of the UI), updated the screenshots, added some clarifications to various sections, and added a new section on custom filters.

While I was editing the body of the article, I also changed the title to: "How do I use tags to find topics I'm interested in?". (It was originally titled "How do I find topics I'm interested in?" – presumably referencing "interesting tags", the original name of the feature now known as tag watching.) I figured I'd avoid changing the title completely – but at least now the title more accurately reflects what this Help Center page is about.

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