It's probably just a UI thing, but it sure looks like I am seeing "negative" hours in the Reopen Votes review queue:

Of course, I'm pretty sure this is not really supposed to be read as "negative 9 hours", but at an initial glance, it reads that way. Could the hyphen simply be removed?

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    Does it show the author before the hyphen? – user10892372 Mar 22 at 2:16
  • No, is it supposed to? See the screenshot in my post, that's exactly how it appears. – Jonathan Mar 22 at 2:19
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    Then it isn't supposed to, you're right. If an author was before it then it would make sense. – user10892372 Mar 22 at 2:20
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    Maybe it's showing questions that will be closed in the future? ;-) – Søren D. Ptæus Mar 22 at 9:02
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    It is - 9 hours ago -, not -9 hours ago -, so it is not intended as a minus IMO. – Mark Rotteveel Mar 22 at 9:12
  • Currently, it's already -16 hours... – FunThomas Mar 22 at 9:14
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    @MarkRotteveel, I agree. Just at a preliminary glance it looks like minus 9, and it seems to be unnecessary. – Jonathan Mar 22 at 11:50
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    So I guess - yesterday means tomorrow – Patrick Roberts Mar 22 at 18:27
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    I think we have an audit here... wait, that's not an audit, but there's still an empty username. Also, the edit was made by the OP, not a now-deleted user. – EKons Mar 22 at 18:51
  • No author here either. Sounds like a UI bug. Repro'd on other posts too – Zoe Mar 22 at 18:58
  • - 30 years ago means 30 years from now. – U10-Forward Mar 24 at 4:34
  • "Sounds like a UI bug." Sounds like a feature! – TrebledJ Mar 24 at 4:46

It's most likely a UI bug, as that '-' should only appear after an author's name.

Still, as @Mark Rotteveel notes, It is - 9 hours ago -, not -9 hours ago - or -9 hours ago

The UI could probably be made less confusing if the en-dash (alt + dash on mac) or em-dash (shift + alt + dash) were used instead of '-'. This is a longer dash that looks like –, compared to -.

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    There are hyphens, en-dashes, and em-dashes, in increasing order of "long-ness". That should be an em-dash, which is used for separating phrases. En-dashes are used for separating spans of numbers. On the Mac, which is what you apparently use, Option+Hyphen inserts an en-dash; Shift+Option+Hyphen inserts an em-dash. – Cody Gray Mar 23 at 2:46
  • Which dash is currently being used? Hyphen or en-dash? – Alec Alameddine Mar 23 at 2:49
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    It's a lowly hyphen, because that's all most people know how to type. Especially Windows programmers, who have to do all sorts of awful contortions, like Alt+0150 for the en-dash and Alt+0151 for the em-dash. Or – and — in contexts that support HTML escapes (which unfortunately does not include Stack Exchange comment mini-markdown). Also, most people aren't typography geeks. – Cody Gray Mar 23 at 2:51

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