(I'm sure this question has been asked before - or there was a post explaining the reasons behind it - but I couldn't find it.)

The link is the same in both cases (to the /questions URL on the respective site). I do find the SO UI confusing in this regard (OK, I'm used to it) as there is no visible link to "Questions".

StackOverflow vs ServerFault

The fact that the "questions" link is selected at all when you aren't actually on the list-of-questions page is also a bit weird/confusing in my opinion. Visually, it doesn't look like an active link.

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    Probably to differentiate from “teams”. – yivi Mar 16 at 10:15
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    Related question: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/381342/10945545 – smileycreations15 Mar 16 at 10:40
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    Although if it's another "teams differentiation" thing then it's unnecessarily screwing with the UI for the vast majority of "normal" users IMO. But the "differentiation" would seem to be already made with the "PUBLIC" side heading, "TEAMS" is displayed below this. "Stack Overflow" itself is a heading, Questions is subordinate to this - they aren't necessarily the same thing. As seen in the screenshot, "Stack Overflow" is already shown at the top, so it's "Stack Overflow" within "Stack Overflow"? – MrWhite Mar 16 at 16:39
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    As a Teams user… this is still annoying. Why can't it just say "Questions" with a little globe next to it? – wizzwizz4 Mar 17 at 13:50
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    Also related, this is a request to fix it: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/369416/…, ignored for 10 months so far... – T.J. Crowder Mar 17 at 13:53
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    Also related meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/369485/… – 4386427 Mar 17 at 14:01
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    Because the Stack Overflow UI is a huge mess. Unrelated, but I had to use Google a few days ago to find my past applications on jobs. – idmean Mar 17 at 14:08

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