As I have unlocked the ability to place a Bounty, I have applied one to someone else's question, which earned me the Investor badge, description reading First bounty you offer on another person's question. Now, there is a badge that is confusing me, Altruist is another badge with the description First bounty you manually award on another person's question. So, in these two badges, what is the difference between the words "you offer" and "you manually award"?

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    You offer a bounty before you can award it. Offering involves “paying” reputation points as a bounty; awarding involves someone actually receiving these reputation points. Mar 15, 2019 at 13:42

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You get the "Investor" for first starting a bounty on another person's question and the "Altruist" after you've given the rep to someone.

To get all the 4 bounty-related badges costs at least 100 rep, but there is no easier way to do that.

Choose wisely the questions.

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