A thing that often occurs to me is that I paste some code into the question or answer text area. After pasting it, the code is not selected anymore. Since I want to format it as code, I have to find the beginning of the code (which in case of Code Review is several pages up), select the code and can now press Ctrl+K.

Since pasting code is an important part of this very site, it should be made as easy as possible. I just tried to just press Ctrl+V Ctrl+K in a row, which does not indent the code I just pasted.

It would be much easier if the pasted code were still selected after pasting. Then the above shortcuts would work, and there would even be a visual indicator that these shortcuts are available right now.

I just tried Ctrl+K Ctrl+V, because after pressing Ctrl+K there is this text:

enter code here

But when I paste the code here (instead of entering it, which would only increase the likelihood of typos), that code is still not indented properly.

Why is pasting code this complicated? Shouldn't it be as easy as possible, especially for all the newcomers to this site who often have problems pasting code and indenting it correctly?

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    A think a better title would be something like "Allow pasted text to retain highlighting", since it seems to be more about the highlighting disappearing. – Carcigenicate Mar 13 at 19:46
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    Now that we have fenced code blocks that's probably preferable anyways. – Josh Caswell Mar 13 at 20:16

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